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AKMU Starring on This Week’s “SKETCHBOOK” With Fly To The Sky

Fly to the Sky and AKMU will be appearing on KBS 2TV’s music program, Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook on the 30th of May.
Last week’s episode of Sketchbook was a memorial special for the victims and affected families of the Sewol ferry tragedy, and thus it was filmed without an audience present, especially as it was the first episode they had aired after 6 weeks of postponement.
Fly to the Sky and AKMU will be their 2nd guests after their long postponement, along with Baek Jiyoung and Jeong Jaehyung.
This episode was recorded on the 27th of May, in which Fly to the Sky’s performances of their newest title song “You You You” from their 9th album
“Continuum”, and their past hit, “Missing You” from their 4th album will be aired.

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Taeyang to Come Back as Solo Artist, “Chic” Topless Photo in Teaser

Boy group BIGBANG’s TAEYANG, who is to come back soon, has disclosed the second teaser image for his comeback.
On the 27 at 0 o’clock, YG Entertainment released TAEYANG’s second teaser image on YG’s official blog. TAEYANG is going to come back on the 2 next month.
The teaser image was shot in LA, the United States, and TAEYANG’s uniquely chic charisma is catching the eyes. In the black-and-white image, topless TAEYANG is looking into the front. His compressed lips and deep eyes are captivating viewers. TAEYANG is well-known for his exotic and carefree style, so music fans are paying keen attention to with what kind of music he will come back this time.
In November last year, TAEYANG released “RINGA LINGA” and displayed a dynamic choreography and music with a brand-new style. Now, he is releasing a new album in seven months. Plus, the new album is released four years after TAEYANG’s first full-length album “SOLAR” that was released in 2010.
Meanwhile, TAEYANG has recently come back from the United States where he shot the photos for new album’s jacket. Now, he is working hard on the new album. The off-line album will be released on the 10 next month.

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[NEWS] 140522 Kim Jaejoong shows infinite charisma in singing and acting

Actors who have the the looks, singing and acting ability are currently appearing on television.
MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama, Triangle’s Kim Jaejoong and SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, You Are Surrounded’s Lee Seung Gi captures audience’s attention with their good looks.
In the drama, Kim Jaejoong acts as a third-class gangster living in Sabuk, Gangwon-do. He ran on the streets with only his underwear in the first episode and endured various hardships.
The audience is surprised by Kim Jaejoong’s exceptional acting. He has previously acted as a director of large company (Note: Cha Muwon in Protect The Boss) and a police officer (Note: Kim KyungTak in Dr. Jin).
Kim Jaejoong has been receiving positive reviews for his acting in Triangle. He can be called an actor now, instead of an idol-turned-actor.
Kim Jaejoong and Lee Seung Gi debuted as singers. Kim Jaejoong debuted in TVXQ! and is currently carrying out activities as a member of JYJ. He has explosive popularity in South Korea and other countries. He also released solo albums.
Kim Jaejoong and Lee Seung Gi have good looks and exceptional singing and acting ability. Kim Jaejoong was also known for his flower-boy looks on variety programs.
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[NEWS] 140526 Park Yoochun, involved in narration of MBC’s ‘Human Documentary Love’…telling the story of Siamese Twins

Male group JYJ member Park Yoochun will be involved for the narration in MBC’s piece ‘Human Documentary Love Part 4 – Tomboy Siamese Twins’.
Park Yoochun –who lately has been preparing for the post production of his movie ‘Haemoo’/‘Sea Fog’ and his Asia fanmeeting tour– readily completed the dubbing on May 25 with his warm voice, unique to those taking on the narration.
Doing the main narration from the point of view of their dad, Park Yoochun watches the bright and upbeat Siamese twins from first to finish and wore a wide ‘fatherly smile’. Even though the twins are born with their fate bounded, always attached at the head together.
Park Yoochun was quoted saying, “The twins are so such brighter and sweeter than I thought. These children also healthily play around at school and at home, learn writing, and have fights with their younger siblings; you come to realize yet again that these girls are very ordinary children. It’s really fortunate to have a family of positive and noble bearings who love the twins,” and, “People who are viewers watching this documentary and the things we usually little wonder about and thought nothing of, in fact, I wish I had such an opportunity to feel again at how extremely precious these girls are”.
MBC’s piece ‘Human Documentary Love Part 4 – Tomboy Siamese Twins’ will air at 11:15 pm KST on June 2.
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[NEWS] Park Yu-chun narrates documentary via Korea JoongAng Daily
[NEWS] Park Yoo Chun Narrates Documentary Featuring Conjoined Twins via Mwave

[NEWS] 140525 Kim Junsu’s Osaka concerts completely sold out

Kim Junsu had sold out shows in Osaka.
On May 25th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, “Kim Junsu’s ’2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan’, which was held in Tokyo from June 13th until 15th, and in Osaka from May 22nd until 24th, were completely sold out.”
During the concerts, Kim Junsu performed a great number of musical numbers, ballads, and drama OSTs, and it is said that 66 thousand tickets for all of the six shows were completely sold out.
It is the first time for Kim Junsu to make a full concert just with musical and ballad numbers, and the concert was specially prepared for many Japanese fans who travelled all the way to Korea to attend Kim Junsu’s musicals.
Each show was held for 150 minutes long, and Kim Junsu sang numbers from major musicals that he casted in, including ‘Mozart’, ‘Elizabeth’, and ‘December’, and drama OSTs that he recorded.
He also included some Japanese ballad songs in his setlist, and also sang a number of songs that he sang when he was a member of TVXQ.
A Japanese official said, “All of the audiences were deeply impressed by Kim Junsu’s fabulous performance,” and told that people’s anticipation for his next musical is growing larger and larger.
Meanwhile, Kim Junsu is going to cast in a new musical called ‘Dracula’ from July.
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