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Taeyang to Come Back as Solo Artist, “Chic” Topless Photo in Teaser

Boy group BIGBANG’s TAEYANG, who is to come back soon, has disclosed the second teaser image for his comeback.
On the 27 at 0 o’clock, YG Entertainment released TAEYANG’s second teaser image on YG’s official blog. TAEYANG is going to come back on the 2 next month.
The teaser image was shot in LA, the United States, and TAEYANG’s uniquely chic charisma is catching the eyes. In the black-and-white image, topless TAEYANG is looking into the front. His compressed lips and deep eyes are captivating viewers. TAEYANG is well-known for his exotic and carefree style, so music fans are paying keen attention to with what kind of music he will come back this time.
In November last year, TAEYANG released “RINGA LINGA” and displayed a dynamic choreography and music with a brand-new style. Now, he is releasing a new album in seven months. Plus, the new album is released four years after TAEYANG’s first full-length album “SOLAR” that was released in 2010.
Meanwhile, TAEYANG has recently come back from the United States where he shot the photos for new album’s jacket. Now, he is working hard on the new album. The off-line album will be released on the 10 next month.

Sources: ygunited.com
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