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[PICS] 120503 JYJ for Nintendo’s MarioKart 7 Part II May 3, 2012 · junmoshi



[NEWS] 120502 Behind-The-Scenes Preview Images From JYJ’s Ad Shoot for PenzalQ Released

New behind-the-scenes preview images of JYJ shooting for painkiller brand, Penzalq have been released.
The pictures were revealed on May 2, through Penzalq’s official Facebook page. The first picture shows the JYJ members dressed in white from head to toe. Kim Jae Joong and Kim Junsu are seen sporting blonde hair. Another picture reveals the members in black suits and holding up microphones looking as though they are singing.
A source from Penzalq said, “Our previous commercials featuring JYJ as a caring boyfriend, nursing their ill girlfriend received a lot of love. We think the new advertisements and message and JYJ’s good looks will help boost our image.”
The new advertisements will be seen in newspapers, magazine, subway screens and other places.
Credit: enewsworld
Photo Credit: Penzel Q Facebook
Shared By: JYJ3

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