Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

Lee Hyori once again shows her kind heart

Lee Hyori, once again, showed her big heart as she tweeted about a worthy cause.
On March 15th, Lee Hyori posted a photo and wrote on her Twitter, “The magazine ‘Big Issue‘ is sold by the homeless so they can work and make money for themselves.  It is sold by the homeless on the streets and in the subway stops.  Instead of walking by them, why not buy one?  You will become sexy like me.”
One netizen that saw this post replied, “Your appearance as well as your heart is so good, Hyori is the best ^^; You participated as a cover motel for ‘Big Issue’ that only features top stars.”
Upon seeing this comment, Lee Hyori noticed that the fan had accidentally written “motel” instead of “model“, and pointed out the mistake stating, “Cover Motel. Um…”, causing fans to laugh over the mistake.
The magazine ‘Big Issue‘ that Lee Hyori posed for helps the homeless become self-reliant and is sold in 10 countries.
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